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1.The ingredients have been sourced ethically from different countries around the world. They are USDA Certified Organic. This essential oil is safe for all age groups. 2.Migraine Relief essential oil has been crafted in ways to bring you the greatness of aromatherapy. The aromatic quality of the oil makes it a real treat to use. The remedial aroma lifts the spirits and activates the senses. 2.The Soul Senses Migraine Relief is highly effective in pain removal, thus, no need to block out from harsh sunlight or carry the fear of it. It takes no longer than a few minutes for this pure and high-grade essential oil to show its effectiveness. 2.High quality glass bottle ensures that the therapeutic and aromatic properties of the oil are retained. Volume: 30ml. This bottle can be used for about 80-100 times. The bottle is easy to carry. Travel friendly. 2.INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Take a few drops and gently message over head, jaws and back of the neck. Topical application boosts circulation and increases absorption for absolute effectiveness. Use 2-3 times in a day for best results. The Soul Senses Migraine Relief essential oil uses an all-natural formulation that is known to relieve pain and inflammation as well as soothe tension in severe headaches within minutes of its application. It is enriched with a blend of 100% pure essential oils. Scented with rich aroma, this oil harmonizes the senses and de-stresses the head. In fact, the scent alone can make you feel better in an instant. Migraine Relief is an aromatherapy formulation, a 6000-year-old holistic healing treatment that enhances both physical and emotional health. This blend is so helpful in soothing severe headaches and migraines. Relieve pain and inflammation. Soothe tension caused by stress. Just a few drops per use is enough. No chemicals.Therapeutic quality. Usfda certified organic ingredients. Apply few drops of forehead, and back of the neck to find instant relief. Can be applied several times a day. Free of chemicals pesticides, herbicides. suitable for vegans.100 %nature-based with goodness of pure essential oils. Responsibily sourced. Made in small batches to ensure quality. External use only All products are available with self explanatory sheet inside the packaging. Safe for all ages.All in all natural, these oils are found in seeds, flowers, fruits, leaves, stems, roots, bark, wood, needles and resins. No pesticides or any sort of chemicals are involved in its making. Thus, safe and healthy.
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